Te Puna Waiora

Ko te wai te ora ngā mea katoa. A community project led by Rongomaiwahine Iwi Trust bringing the community together in the development of a freshwater plan for Mahia.

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The betterment of freshwater in Mahia

Te Puna Waiora o Nukutaurua is a community project assessing freshwater in Mahia. It’s our opportunity to approach freshwater reforms with a clear and shared community vision led by those who whakapapa to Mahia, and those that call it home.    

The goal is a living freshwater plan for Mahia that outlines freshwater outcomes for future generations, and forms the foundation for how as a community we’ll work with regulatory agencies implementing national water reforms from 2024.  

We all recognise the significance of freshwater to our place and our people. Long-term we want to be able to swim in our streams, gather healthy kaimoana, and enjoy safe and sustainable water supply for our whanau, farms and businesses.  

We’re asking the community to bring their voice to protecting and revitalising freshwater and the wider taiao for Mahia. 

Read more about the project in our January update.

Waka Huia travels around Mahia and visits landmarks of Rongomaiwahine.

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