Predator Free

Our Manaaki Taiao team are responsible for our goal of a pest free peninsula. It's a huge and ongoing responsibility and we're proud to have trap lines in most areas of our rohe. 

There are approximately 800 predator traps which are systematically checked, cleared, baited, rebaited and relocated across the Peninsular. We're making inroads to lowering the population of possums, rats, ferrets and stoats among other pests.

The Taiao team has replaced and repaired over 20km of fencing to stock-proof key waterways, including Kaiwaitau. Here the whenua was improved with the clearing of wilding pine, pest eradication, fencing and riparian planting.  We also supported Te Kōhatu o Rīpeka (The Rock), replacing the fence, creating a carpark area and planting tī kōuka. The team built the jetty for easy water access and installed picnic tables so this special wahi tapu is comfortable and accessible for whānau.